Information about the Catholic Faith

As part of its outreach program, Catholic Enquiry Centre provides 'enquirers' with information about the Catholic Faith. Call and Response: An introduction to the Catholic Faith has been prepared by the Catholic Enquiry Centre to assist all who wish to know more about the Catholic Church, and to encourage them on their journey of faith into the Catholic community. It may also be a useful resource for those who have been Catholics for many years but wish to understand better the key aspects of our faith. Click here for more information on Call and Response


There are many texts written and resources produced to help people come to understand and appreciate the Catholic faith. The Catholic Enquiry Centre has published some especially to help enquirers, and other resources have been sourced to answer particular questions for those who've read the basic texts.

Please look through the selection of resources currently available.

If you have a particular issue of interest or concern, please let us know and we'll try to find a product to help you.


Our history section comprises of 2 key areas. The Catholic Church's History in Australia, and the History of the Catholic Enquiry Centre.

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