About the Catholic Faith - A General Introduction

AbouttheCatholicFaith 150This is a basic guide to the Catholic faith and has been written for those who might be enquiring about the beliefs of the Church, or at least looking for somewhere to go to have their questions answered.

Christmas - Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ

ChristmasIconChristmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time for remembering God who came into the world as a human being, and brought the precious gift of new life.

Holy Week and Easter Brochure

EasterBrochure2009 150At Easter, we remember and call to mind three things:

  • The Last Supper in which Jesus Christ gave his followers Holy Communion on Holy Thursday;
  • The death of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday;
  • Jesus risen from the dead to new life, on Easter Sunday.

This brochure allows parishes and communities to promote their local activities during Holy Week and Easter.

The Catholic Church

The Catholic ChurchAn introduction to the life, beliefs, practices and spirituality of Catholic Christians

The Sacrament of Baptism - A General Introduction

TheSacramentofBaptism 150This is a basic guide to the first sacrament of initiation and has been written for those who find themselves attending the baptism but don’t know what is happening during the ceremony.

The Sacrament of Marriage - A General Introduction

TheSacramentofMarriage 150This is a basic guide to the sacrament of marriage, and explains all about the ceremony. It is ideal for those attending a wedding who aren’t Catholic but may be interested in finding out more.