The Catholic Story

As part of its outreach program the Catholic Enquiry Centre provides enquirers with information about the Catholic faith.

The main source of information for enquirers is the book Call and Response: An Introduction to the Catholic faith. This book is supplied free of charge to enquirers who contact the Catholic Enquiry Centre through phone, email or mail.

The previous version of information about the Catholic faith The Catholic Story was presented in the form of eighteen pamphlets and is no longer available in printed form. As you will see in the links below, the images are dated, however, most of the content is still quite useful. The Catholic Story is still available for free for downloading and printing.

The Catholic Story is made up of 18 pamphlets and provides a basic introduction to the Catholic faith. Each pamphlet is written in a conversational style designed to help the reader encounter Jesus Christ and his Church. The pamphlets provide information on Church teaching; encouragement in becoming followers of Christ and inspiration to lead lives worthy of the Gospel.

If you would like additional information or have a question to ask, please contact us.

The Catholic Story downloads:

  1. Introducing Catholics (PDF 96 KB)
  2. Catholics in practice (PDF 89 KB)
  3. The Catholic message (PDF 94 KB)
  4. Catholics through the ages (PDF 98 KB)
  5. Catholics forge their future (PDF 572 KB)
  6. A freedom like no other (PDF 69 KB)
  7. Memories reflections stories (PDF 85 KB)
  8. Getting in Touch with God (PDF 518 KB)
  9. Entering life to the fullest (PDF 71 KB)
  10. Why go to Mass? (PDF 86 KB)
  11. Love is having to say sorry! (PDF 64 KB)
  12. When we say forever (PDF 93 KB)
  13. Priesthood (PDF 108 KB)
  14. Life that goes on forever (PDF 87 KB)
  15. Heavenly heroes (PDF 69 KB)
  16. Mary - Gods radical daughter (PDF 73 KB)
  17. Living life to the fullest (PDF 71 KB)
  18. Sharing the good news (PDF 117 KB)

Bookstore photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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