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Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC) is the national faith outreach of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the national body of the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia.  The Catholic Enquiry Centre was founded in 1959. The purpose of the Catholic Enquiry Centre is to reach out beyond the Church to offer an invitation to those who are not Catholic to learn about and understand all aspects of the Catholic religion including Catholic Baptism.

The Catholic Enquiry Centre  provides information about the Catholic Church in Australia and offers clear information about the Catholic faith for those who are searching for faith, and for people of other religious background, and to promote inter-religious understanding.

Information about the Catholic Faith: Call and Response

As part of its outreach program, the Catholic Enquiry Centre  provides 'enquirers' with information about the Catholic Faith. "Call and Response: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith"  has been prepared by the Catholic Enquiry Centre to assist all who wish to know more about Catholic Baptism, the Catholic Church in Australia, and to encourage them on their journey of faith into the Catholic community. It may also be a useful resource for those who have been Catholics for many years but wish to understand better the key aspects of our faith.

The Catholic Enquiry  Centre also makes available other materials aimed at helping people to grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith. For information please visit resources menu item on the Catholic Enquiry Centre website or contact us.

Making Connections

The Catholic Enquiry Centre  aims to provide, for all interested persons and groups, helpful connections with Catholic organisations, in order to facilitate involvement with various aspects of the life of the Catholic Church in Australia. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website provides information on many aspects of the life of the Catholic Church in Australia. You will also find many other useful links about Catholics here.

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