Dare to be different

FJ AugustHave you ever found yourself in a conversation with a group of people, only to discover you hold a fundamentally different view on a certain topic? Sometimes the difference doesn’t really matter, and it can be fun to share opinions about favourite brands or stores, television shows, movie personalities and the like.

Who would Jesus dine with?

FJ JulyRecently I got into a discussion with a young man in his 20s about the sort of people Jesus associated with. He had read that Jesus was quite counter-cultural for his time as he would mix, and even eat with, tax collectors, prostitutes and lepers, who were regarded as ritually unclean. This behaviour would have put Jesus at odds with the social norms and, in some cases, in direct violation of the Jewish laws.

What is a Catholic family?

 FJ JuneAt the end of June, the Catholic Church will celebrate the 10th World Meeting of Families. Catholic families from across the globe will gather in Rome to pray, share and learn. The hope is that at the same time, in every diocese in the world, similar gatherings will occur. This is a huge undertaking, and it reflects the significant value Catholics place on family life.

Politics and faith

FJ April

This edition of Faith Journey is arriving in your inbox in the fourth week of the Australian federal election campaign. For those of you who love the rough and tumble of politics, there will be plenty of media banter to fill your days. For those of you less interested in politics, it’s probably wise to turn off all your devices and connect with friends and nature!

Carrying our cross

FJ April

Have you heard the expression, “to carry one’s cross”? Its original meaning relates to Jesus carrying his cross – the cross on which he died. It’s a familiar saying among Catholics and it means to shoulder a burden – be it grief, illness, loss of a loved one, and so on. But more particularly it means to carry the burden with acceptance, without hatred of the oppressor, indeed, to let it go. And, can I say, it can be a really hard thing to do.

Tidying up this Lent

FJ March

A few years ago, Marie Kondo became a household name. If you’ve not heard of her, she’s famous for her passion for keeping things tidy, especially the home. Her website states:

“Through tidying, you can reset your life and spend the rest of your life surrounded by the people and things you love the most.”

What's stopping you?

FJ February

We are one month in on the start of a new year. What were your new year resolutions - to lose weight, exercise more, drink less alcohol, eat more vegetables, be kinder to your kids? As a subscriber to Faith Journey maybe your resolution was to discover more about God, Jesus and the Catholic faith. Or, if you are already a Catholic, maybe you considered attending Mass more regularly. 

Is humility really a virtue?

FJ December

As a mum of four children, I have sat through many graduation speeches. Some have been inspiring and memorable and others have been cringeworthy. As we draw close to the end of the year, some of you will be listening – maybe even in person, if COVID-19 restrictions permit – to farewell speeches as your young ones finish primary or secondary school, or even university.

Walking together

FJ November

Our Faith Journey article takes a different tack this month. Normally, we don’t focus on explicit activities in the Catholic Church in Australia, but we thought recent events were worthy of mention.

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