Challenges of being community


“No man (or woman) is an island.” So go the opening lines of the 400-year-old poem by John Donne. It is a phrase often used to express the idea that humans do better when they live in community rather than in isolation.


Feeling Invisible?

Feeling Invisible?

Have you ever felt invisible? I don’t mean invisible in that magical Harry Potter “cloak of invisibility” type of invisible! I mean invisible in the sense that you have been forgotten, ignored, dismissed, overlooked.

The thought of someone feeling like they are invisible to the world around them has been on my mind lately. I had been listening to a podcast where the guest was a veteran journalist and Mexican immigrant to the United States.


Holiday or Holyday?

Holiday or Holyday?

The Australian calendar is dotted with public holidays. I happen to live in the nation’s capital, and it was noted to me on “Canberra Day” that Canberrans have more public holidays than any other state or territory in Australia. Hmmm. I wasn’t sure if that was true, so all I could respond with is: “Aren’t we lucky!”


Sorry seems to be the hardest word


When Eddie McGuire resigned recently as president of the Collingwood Football Club, there was a great deal of commentary about the timing of his apology. Eddie McGuire did lots of great things for Collingwood, and for football in general. But when the findings of racism within the club were announced, why was his apology so slow in coming?


Who buys Bibles these days?

Jordan Peterson

Despite the Bible being the best-selling book of all time — you can fact-check this for yourself — I would honestly have to say that I don’t know a lot of people who read or study this ancient book, or more accurately collection of books on a regular basis. And the Bible is rarely referred to, or given credence, by secular media or educational institutions.

Some things change - and that’s okay

Some things change - and that’s okay

Walking through our local shopping centre in the last week of October, two things caused me to pause.

Firstly, the massive Christmas tree was already taking pride of place in the centre’s main court and Santa’s chair was being prepared to hopefully welcome countless small children in the coming weeks.

There’s something about Mary

Mary and child

When we were expecting our fourth child, my husband and I were settled on a boy’s name, but there was debate about what we might name a girl. The more names I proposed, the more adamant my husband was about calling her Mary. 

Wonder and Awe

Wonder and awe

Some months ago, as I was listening to the radio in my car, I was drawn into an interview with Julia Baird, one of the hosts of a television current affairs show. I didn’t know much about Julia, her relationship breakdown or her battle with cancer. I was also unaware of her interest in the spiritual, philosophical and religious life.

Digital or live?

Digital or live?

You have probably heard stories where someone had to convert to the faith of their spouse when they got married. Well, that’s me. But this might not be the type of conversion you are thinking of.

Who will love me for me?

tiago bandeira mMV4NU3UBY8 unsplash Christian singer and songwriter J.J. Heller sang: “Who will love me for me, not for what I have done or what I will become.” The lyrics speak of a yearning we all have - to be loved, just as we are.

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